Great promotion of InnoHPC project in Serbia

November 17, 2018
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4th International Cooperation Forum took place from 15th to 17th November at Zlatibor (Serbia). Within this Forum that was organised by Development Agency of Serbia, SME Development Agency of the Republic of Srpska and Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, one of the Inno HPC partners - REDASP - presented InnoHPC project. Presentation was done during the meeting of all 16 Serbian accredited development agencies.


Within the Forum, several panels were organized on the topic of entrepreneurship development, promotion of cross-border and regional cooperation with special focus on Automotive Industry, ICT Industry, Metal and metal work industry etc.

During the coffee breaks and pauses promotional leaflet and details of the InnoHPC project were disseminated to other participants: companies from the countries of the Western Balkan Region and the EU, representatives of state institutions, chambers of commerce, as well as other organizations that are supporting SMEs.